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Why only have one when you can have two? That’s right, Betbit Casino also offers you the Roulette table which provides additional variety on betting limits as opposed to the Fitzwilliam Roulette table. On the version of Live Roulette you can choose to play with Low, Standard or High betting limits. The versions of Roulette offered for this table model are European and American. Betbit Casino live dealers will instruct you when to place your bets and within your betting options you have predetermined actions such as: Rebet, Clear Bets, Auto Bet or Undo Last. French bets remain available as well on a virtual table diagram located on the bottom right of the screen giving you special combination bets, these type of bets apply only to the European Roulette table.
On the Roulette table you will have access to a live dealer chat box which is exclusively available for real money mode players in case you wish to exchange words with the dealer to say hello or ask a question suitable for the pit boss to answer. You also have 3 fame windows which refer to recent gaming activity giving you a better view on what has already been played and what numbers have better odds of coming up next.



The game of mystery known to have flourished within the casino industry is now available to be played live. Betbit Casino offers you a Live Baccarat table with real life dealers and a user friendly game interface giving you all you need to join the action and enjoy the excitement. The Live Baccarat table comes in three different bet limit categories which are Low, Standard or High betting limits.

Baccarat is a card comparison game between two hands being that of the 'banker' and your own set of cards dealt as the Player. Among betting options you may bet on the 'Player', 'Player Pair', 'Banker', 'Banker Pair' or 'Tie'. However, the possible outcomes are only three being 'player', 'banker,' or 'tie.' A chat box is also available to speak with the dealer when having questions or to simply say hello. However, only real money players have access to the chat feature.
Predetermined actions you can select for bets include:: Rebet, Clear Bets, Auto Bet or Undo Last. A statistics display window is also included to view recent gaming activity. Never played Baccarat before? Don’t worry, a dedicated button for instructions on how to play is also included.



When it comes to roulette nothing beats the conventional style of game play with real life dealers. This is why Betbit offers you the Fitzwilliam Roulette table, a full version of Live European Roulette using live dealers to manage professional 37 number slot roulette wheels viewed in real time motion through live broadcast transmissions based out of the Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino. Among betting options you have predetermined actions located under the Call Bets section which include: Last 10, Autopick 5, Red Snake and Black Snake. French bets are also available throughout the use of a virtual table diagram located on the bottom right side of the screen which triggers several different betting combinations.

Clear and Undo buttons are also available so you can make changes to your bets whenever needed and a statistics display window is also included to monitor the outcome of recent spins and study upcoming number probabilities.



This game is Broadcasted LIVE in real time from a Real Auto Wheel Casino Table in the Expo Casino in Dublin, Ireland. When playing this game, you are betting on Real Results, on a Real Auto Wheel Table in a Real Casino!

Nothing can be more trustworthy and exciting then seeing the action for real for yourself, while also watching other players in the casino placing bets at the same time!