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Call- an action in poker that is done when

Calling in poker, The act of matching the current bet made by another player.

When a player calls, they are agreeing to match the current bet in order to stay in the hand and continue playing. For example, if the current bet is $10, a player who calls will put $10 into the pot.

Calling is one of the most basic and common actions in poker, and it is an important part of many players is strategies. By calling, a player can gain information about their opponents hands, and they can also keep the pot size manageable so that they can make more profitable bets later in the hand.

It is important to note that calling is not the only option a player has when it is their turn to act. A player can also choose to raise, which involves increasing the current bet, or fold, which means giving up their hand and ending their participation in the current hand. The choice a player makes will depend on their hand strength, their position at the table, and their overall strategy for the game.

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