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How Playing Poker Builds Life Skills

Poker isn’t just playing cards and placing bets, it exercises key life skills like strategic thinking, budgeting, and risk management. From the classroom to the boardroom and beyond, the lessons learned at the poker table empower you to face life’s challenges.

Poker is one of the best ways to learn about money management. Learning to handle your chips in poker will teach you how to distribute your money efficiently, weigh risks versus rewards, and make financial decisions under pressure. Poker also fosters interpersonal skills that will help you both in and beyond the world of money, such as being patient, reading and understanding people’s expressions, and simply building your confidence.

Zogo is passionate about equipping people with the tools they need to be successful. That’s why we’ve partnered with Poker Power, an organization that teaches women life skills through the game of poker.

We’ve added new modules on How to Play Poker because we recognize the strong connection between poker knowledge and lifelong success. Our lessons will help you learn not only the mechanics of the game, but they will also offer you so much more. Poker builds confidence by teaching strategy, negotiation, and risk assessment.

In this lesson, Zogo explains how to play Texas Hold’em—the most popular variation of poker. You’ll start by learning the basics, like when to raise or fold your cards and how to set up a game. As you venture into more complex modules, like how to range your opponent or read their tells, you’ll continue to hone your critical thinking savviness and expand your knowledge. The more poker skills you learn, the more life skills you’ll have.

While anyone and everyone can learn from poker, women make up fewer than 10% of the world’s 100 million poker players. Poker is one of many areas in life where women are not being offered a seat. The truth is, men dominate the game of poker. Threats of unequal treatment and harassment make the table an uncomfortable space for women. But by teaching and encouraging women to play poker, we can level the playing field. For the first time, women can access the poker-powered prowess men have been practicing all along.

Playing poker will build your confidence, which women need more of in the workplace. Having the confidence to go all-in on a well-considered hand will give you the tenacity to ask for a well-deserved raise. In poker, aggression creates opportunity, which can encourage you to be more assertive in the workplace to expand your opportunities for success. Poker provides opportunities to hone your strategic mind, attention to detail, and practice assessing risks versus rewards—all of which are crucial abilities in business.

These poker-powered skills will help you outside the workplace, too. The ability to read your opponents and recognize their tells will improve your perception and people skills. Managing your chips in poker will prepare you to allocate your money and help you decide when to spend and when to save. Poker also teaches you patience to wait for the best hand or strategic opportunity, which will help you be a patient person and investor. The benefits of transferable skills from poker to life are endless.

Moreover, poker’s educational capacity aligns well with Zogo’s values. Younger generations may find financial education intimidating or boring, which is why Zogo believes that fun and gamified financial education is more effective. As a game itself, poker cultivates an engaging atmosphere in which to learn both financial and life skills. Learning how to play poker through the Zogo app offers the best of both worlds: bite-size modules that explain skills for poker and life, build your confidence, and offer everyone a seat at the table.

Poker isn’t just a game, it’s a game-changer. Download Zogo now and use the code POKER to get started!

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