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Live poker is the future

Gone are the days when it was possible to make millions in online poker. Competition is unbearable even for professionals, profits are decreasing. Obviously, in the future poker in clubs and casinos will prevail.

Online poker has become one big hunt for those who are weaker. How can you have fun in such conditions? All people care about is money.

We in Poker Discover believe that there is a solution – a “live” poker. Watching the development of poker clubs and casinos in the CIS, Europe and around the world, we see how the once “dated” type of the game is regaining popularity. More and more players are choosing a gaming table, live people, communication and real experience.

What happens in online poker?

Do you remember what was a few years ago? Ten years ago? Most did not understand Hold’em maths, not to mention Omaha. Books, manuals, training sites – everything was in short supply and not in demand. Really and truly, money flowed like a river.

The modern online player knows firsthand how to calculate almost any probability, he is a multitabler with decent experience who knows how to choose suitable gaming tables – in short, he’s quite a strong competitor, whom you will beat not immediately (if you will do it at all).

From a technical point of view it’s even worse. Bots “beat” low and middle limits, and not far off is the day when artificial intelligence will get to high stakes. Poker games with public information (eg Open Chinese Poker) are doomed to failure, because bots in such games are adamant.

Programs, scripts, and other tricks allow to hunt for weak players. As soon as he walks into the poker client and sits down at the table, he is immediately noticed by numerous regulars. Without any shame, forgetting about ethics and propriety, they attack the prey.

Many well-known poker professionals have left poker or are about to do it. They say, that in online poker there’s no breathing space. Everyone wants to snatch a piece and hide in their holes.

Where should beginners go?

New players do not enjoy the game because they almost immediately lose. Unless they play at home poker rooms. Nobody will ever give them a chance to win. Various tricks of poker rooms won’t help though supposedly they should care about “poker environment.” It’s impossible to separate the newbies from regulars. Also on PokerStars, the largest poker site, there is no such system and will not be (at least in the near future).

And the reason is not only a fierce competition, but also the game speed. An unhurried poker at multiple tables within a few hours will replace 4-5 gaming sessions of “live” poker. The more hands, the smaller the influence of luck. It means that even the most powerful upstrick (series of successful hands or sessions) online will have no noticeable effect on the final result. Today you have upstrick – tomorrow it is gone.

In offline poker player is involved in far fewer hands, so he may have a good luck for a few days in a row. The game slows down, the effect of luck increases. Sometimes having once a jerk will guarantee you a place in the final tournament or the possibility to win the lost cash back. Poker becomes not a daily routine, but a favorite pastime that brings pleasure and profit.

The era of “live” poker

Over time, most of the players will go offline. It’s inevitable. New poker rooms open every day worldwide. Not all the countries have legalized casinos, but in the CIS, and in Europe there is no such problem. Russians can play in Belarus, where gambling is supported by the state.

By the way, the experience of Belarus can become a model of the future “live” poker in the CIS. 10 years ago, the player could be cheated, not paid the winnings, robbed or even worse. Now all the casinos in Belarus have video surveillance, institutions work honestly, there are actually no undergrounds, and the number of new players is constantly growing. And such state of affairs is almost the same in most countries where gambling is legalized.

That’s where the future of poker. In offline. Even if the player isn’t lucky and he begins to lose, in any case he derives pleasure – from communication, from the atmosphere; pretty waitresses run around (maybe the dealer is a good match), someone tells a funny story – all these seemingly minor factors form a special “live” experience, which you will not find in a poker room on the Internet.

This is the mission of Poker Discover: to talk about the benefits of offline games, to unite players and casino and club owners. The future is social, slow, interesting poker, where you feel like a human being and not like a cornered animal.

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