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Different Poker Game Types

There are so many different variants, it can all get a bit mind boggling at times. Here we will explain a few of the different formats of Texas Hold’em to you.

Multi Table Tournament (MTT)

An MTT is a format in Hold’em where a player buys in to the tournament and their buy-in will contribute towards a prizepool. The aim is to keep accumulating chips as the field narrows whilst players get knocked out. Eventually a certain percentage of the field will get paid and play all the way down to a winner.

Sit & Go

This is essentially a smaller version of a MTT with a player cap. Once a certain amount of players enter the Sit & Go will start and no new players can enter.

Bounty Tournament (KO)

This is becoming an ever increasing popular format of poker. It usually takes the format of an MTT with a slight twist. In this format, a part of the players buy-in goes towards a knockout prizepool and another into the main prizepool. A player will receive a part of the knockout prizepool every time they eliminate another opponent from the tournament. This is enjoyed by many as they receive instant rewards from eliminating players and creates an incentive to knock other players out.

Timed Tournament

A player receives a certain amount of chips and can add on at various points throughout. After a certain amount of time, the tournament is halted and players are awarded prizes based on the amount of chips they have.

Short Deck

Short deck, also known as Six Plus Hold’em is a variant of Hold’em where all the cards below 6 are removed from the deck. It was created to drive more action in the game. Hand rankings may differ dependent on the rules set out by the provider. It is always essential to check before playing.


A satellite is a tournament where you can win entry into a larger tournament. These are designed to allow anyone to play larger tournaments no matter the size of your bankroll. Some of the greatest wins in the history of poker tournaments have come from players satelliting in and so their significance is not to be underestimated.

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

Whilst this is not a format of Texas Hold’em, it still merits mentioning as it is a very popular game format. In this format of poker, players are dealt 4 hole cards and must use two cards from their hand, unlike Hold’em where a player can use, both, one or neither of their cards. Furthermore, whereas Hold’em is a no limit game, as you can probably guess from its name that the maximum bet you can make at any one time is the size of the pot.

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