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In blackjack, a hand that is worth 17 or higher is referred to as a "hard hand." This is because the hand cannot be changed or improved without going over 21, which is referred to as "busting."

A hard hand can consist of any combination of cards that add up to 17 or higher, without any aces. For example, a hand of 10 and 7, or 8 and 9, would be considered a hard hand.

If a player has a hard hand, their options are limited in terms of how they can play the hand. In most cases, they will choose to stand, which means they will not take any more cards and will wait for the dealer to complete their hand.

The value of a hard hand can impact the player is chances of winning in blackjack. If the player has a hard hand that is worth 17 or higher, they are more likely to bust if they take another card, and thus, less likely to win the hand. On the other hand, if the dealer has a hard hand, the player is more likely to win the hand if they have a lower hand value.

Overall, understanding the concept of hard hands and when to use them is an important part of becoming a successful player in blackjack.

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