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Double or Nothing - a betting style where

The betting style you are referring to is called "Martingale." Martingale is a negative progression system where players double their bet after losing a hand. The idea behind this system is that by increasing the size of the bet after a loss, the player will eventually win back their money and make a profit. For example, if a player loses a hand and bets $10, they would double their bet to $20 on the next hand. If they lose again, they would double their bet to $40, and so on. The thinking is that eventually the player will win a hand, and the winnings will cover all the previous losses and leave the player with a profit.

However, this betting style can be risky as it requires an infinite amount of money to cover losses, and there is no guarantee that a winning hand will occur. The house edge in most casino games is designed to ensure that the player will eventually lose over the long term, regardless of betting strategy. For this reason, it is generally not recommended to use the Martingale system when playing casino games.

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